I FaceTimed Floyd Mayweather...

17-Dek, 2020
6 548 016 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • Jake is a sociopath. How didn't he get locked up for scamming those kids for their parents money?

    Mike HoganMike HoganSoat oldin
  • We are in March and no fight happened

    Eduardo MarquezEduardo Marquez4 soat oldin
  • its march something i havent seen the fight

    YLLW MAMBAYLLW MAMBA5 soat oldin
  • Bruh wtf they didn’t even fight 😂

    Vasquez751Vasquez7516 soat oldin
  • But where is the 3 a.m in the title

    CreeperGuy MadnesCreeperGuy Madnes8 soat oldin
  • i believe that floyd mayweather (was) a brilliant boxer but he will destroy his great career if he takes this fight its just going to ruin his reputation

    The Gaming BrosThe Gaming Bros14 soat oldin
  • fight pac man next, manny pac man!

    TheYTViewerTheYTViewer17 soat oldin
  • At 7:17 u can hear the background music of his song 2020 which he uploaded after this vedio I just noticed it now ... don't know about others

    Shivam NarulaShivam Narula17 soat oldin
  • Bro it's already March

    KPファニス o.oKPファニス o.o18 soat oldin
  • 3:45 you could get MORE holes in your brain.

    Jacob BlairJacob Blair18 soat oldin
  • He dumb af but atleast he accepted that maywether is better

    Kiwaki TimeKiwaki Time21 soat oldin
  • Ok it’s March 2021 and I still haven’t seen this fight, what happened??

    Gaming 4 FunGaming 4 FunKun oldin
  • Fight postponed hahaha

    NjurkNjurkKun oldin
  • when its came it over 20 feb

    wille bergstenwille bergstenKun oldin
  • And now the fight isn’t happening because no one cares LOL

    Sweet NastySweet NastyKun oldin
  • What happened for the fight. Arent they gonna fight

    Mussawi GamerMussawi GamerKun oldin
  • Man can't believe u lost

    Christian VegaChristian VegaKun oldin
  • The useless bedroom enzymatically guarantee because music undesirably mend aside a astonishing multimedia. spiffy, ambitious soy

    Tommy STommy SKun oldin
  • Ur Gunna lose just stop 🤣

    Nick PerNick PerKun oldin
  • You are a f***ing legend/ dumb***

    Asmita DeshpandeAsmita DeshpandeKun oldin
  • Soo uhhh where is it?

    matthew tanayamatthew tanayaKun oldin
  • ....okay.........uh just fucked urself

    Swastik vrat SinghSwastik vrat SinghKun oldin
  • 4:33 y u crease them thangs man

    RyuuツRyuuツKun oldin
  • There’s 1000 people on the internet -Floyd Mayweather 2021

    Snowy MinecraftSnowy MinecraftKun oldin
  • Do a Paul vs Paul boxing match

    this is right Alithis is right Ali2 kun oldin
  • who is here after February 20th

    Bomb ProductionsBomb Productions2 kun oldin
  • Is this jake pauls brother ?

    sizserb22sizserb222 kun oldin
  • Your goal should be not to get 1st round k.o

    ZreticZretic2 kun oldin
  • Sounds just like Dream or are you?

    SurfanicSurfanic2 kun oldin
  • Who’s here after feb 20

    Brian BahlBrian Bahl2 kun oldin
  • Did they fight the

    Lenny RoseLenny Rose2 kun oldin
  • U sure this is not just a fight over who gets to film a body and gets a controversy

    Gamerof CanadaGamerof Canada2 kun oldin
  • 🥰👁👄👁❤️

    Kevin NervisKevin Nervis2 kun oldin
  • We want thinning 3 not a boxing match 3

    Rachith ManjunathRachith Manjunath2 kun oldin
  • So is this fight gonna happen?

    Norm LNorm L2 kun oldin
  • i dont think u can do it BUT i wont be surprised if u win

    JupoxfredJupoxfred3 kun oldin
  • I like logan said like Jake really beat some big good beat a retired nba basketball player

    Carolina 911Carolina 9113 kun oldin
  • I miss 2017 Logan Paul vlogs when he was crazy and the whole gang was there and he use to vlog everyday and maverick and Kong was there

    SpeedGamer XSpeedGamer X3 kun oldin
  • Me who came at March 2 and still didnt see the fight

    PlasmaPlasma3 kun oldin
    • They never did the fight

      WingzzWingzz2 kun oldin
  • 😢

    Sam GrannonSam Grannon3 kun oldin
  • Next fight: Logan paul vs Many Pacquiao

    Ashwin GaffoorAshwin Gaffoor3 kun oldin
  • Logan when is this fight happening because its the 2nd of March 2021 now........

    JJ BJJ B3 kun oldin

  • Where is your fight logan

    DK GAMERDK GAMER3 kun oldin
    • It didn’t happen it was postponed

      WingzzWingzz2 kun oldin
  • Logan why do you fight brown people?

    Tavo TėvasTavo Tėvas3 kun oldin
  • This aged well.

    idkidk3 kun oldin
  • If u win against Floyd anyone could become a boxer

    John MbutuJohn Mbutu3 kun oldin
  • Wheres Evan?

    T11 ClanT11 Clan3 kun oldin
  • Floyd Mayweather has 27 knockouts dangerous boxer Logan Paul should come out with 50 Cent to the boxing ring

    Ray archuletaRay archuleta3 kun oldin
  • I’m still routing for you bro

    Bobby MillerBobby Miller4 kun oldin
  • bru just fight him already, wats the worst that can happen

    Nicholas KingNicholas King4 kun oldin
  • Yo what happened to your tibetan mastiff?

    Jesse jamesJesse james4 kun oldin
  • Mar 1 2021?

    Wesley WilliamsWesley Williams4 kun oldin
    • When's it happening

      Michael cMichael c4 kun oldin
    • Where is it tanker 🤣😉

      Wesley WilliamsWesley Williams4 kun oldin
  • He will be shitting his pants in the ring

    J PJ P4 kun oldin
  • Logan when are we Gona see some more vlogs I mis the vlogs

    Nichita CuleacNichita Culeac4 kun oldin
  • Lets go Champ

    Mike RileyMike Riley4 kun oldin
  • Logan probably paid mayweather to lose. Doesn’t matter; still gonna be fire

    GeebsGeebs4 kun oldin
  • na you finessed clickbait

    Toby TTSToby TTS4 kun oldin
  • the logang is with you brother

    Demi Gaming 11Demi Gaming 114 kun oldin
  • Here is the beautiful Solar post lights outdoor I like so much: amazon shops sogrand

    part panwarpart panwar4 kun oldin
  • If Logan beats Mayweather and Jake beats Connor. The Paul brothers will be the coldest brothers on the planet🥶🥶

    Abir MathurAbir Mathur4 kun oldin
  • Well it’s February and still not happened

    Stxtic SharkStxtic Shark4 kun oldin
  • What happened to COVID?

    Dalya ShabanDalya Shaban4 kun oldin
  • So.......everyone forgot about this?

    Sandy2213Sandy22135 kun oldin
  • Ur wrong mate . Floyd isn't the goat

    Abdou AdjimiAbdou Adjimi5 kun oldin
  • Why TF is Floyd fighting this snowflake? It's so beneath him.

    Breanna TerrellBreanna Terrell5 kun oldin
  • I like how we all liked the in the beginning, grew to hate them, and here we are again.

    ZestaroZestaro5 kun oldin
  • Except no

    MindBlown 16MindBlown 165 kun oldin
  • I just want to know, when did the Paul brothers get into fighting? Like, I remember seeing them on UZworld posting funny a** videos. Now I see them fighting/ wanting to fight some top notch fighters. I’m not mad at them, looks like the are really putting in the training, and are really good at it. Keep doing y’all, nothing but love over here. Not to mention but they are both some nice looking men. Good Luck to you both in your next matches.

    Happy FeetHappy Feet5 kun oldin
  • Aight I'm supporting u with ma boy JJ

    Hassan ReemazHassan Reemaz5 kun oldin
  • This will be awesome

    Tickle MonsterTickle Monster5 kun oldin
  • Nice

    george burrowsgeorge burrows5 kun oldin
  • It’s February 27th

    Kendall SmithKendall Smith5 kun oldin
  • Feb 27th 2021, i haven't heard a thing about the fight, so i assume he got his ass handed to him?

    helpfulreaper 768helpfulreaper 7685 kun oldin
    • The fight got cancelled its a different day now

      The GodThe God5 kun oldin
  • I think he was just trying to catch you mate

    brennan calhounbrennan calhoun5 kun oldin
  • Where is the fight were 27 feb

    demise Ǎlเdemise Ǎlเ5 kun oldin
  • When is it happening?

    MisanMisan5 kun oldin
  • Oh, it didn't happen. 😐😑🥲😥

    MisanMisan5 kun oldin
  • today is the 28th of feb floyd aint even signed shit LMAO he is opening pokemon cards

  • John Jake jeffrey luke it dont matter which of them fucking Paul's it is to floyd or the audience they catching the ass whipping they've obviously never had. Floyd they better be calling for their mommy.

    None YabusinessNone Yabusiness6 kun oldin
  • Old 🐐 vs the young 🐐

    Hector SodianoHector Sodiano6 kun oldin
  • You're gonna get whipped.

    Lofy _lofyLofy _lofy6 kun oldin
  • Even tho logan stands no chance and is a dumb ass for wanting this and probably only doing it for the money, I respect him for having the balls to step in the ring with floyd

    Sheep Kisser 123Sheep Kisser 1236 kun oldin
  • Don’t expect a knockout tho flyod is jst going to out box loagan and not let him touch him flyods strength isn’t his power but his movement and boxing intelligence my moneys on may weather

    Dutch van Der lindeDutch van Der linde6 kun oldin
  • Wait why hasn’t the fight happened

    Arch BradleyArch Bradley6 kun oldin
  • Y Jake Y

    KingbreezyKingbreezy6 kun oldin
  • wish u luck my dude.

    Kurdo NajimalddinKurdo Najimalddin6 kun oldin
  • The fuck happened to the fight date?

    gang swaggang swag6 kun oldin
    • Postpone to June

      Arjun LaxmanArjun Laxman6 kun oldin
  • Its 27th Feb, when is the match gonna happen?

    NearhNearh6 kun oldin
    • Its moved to june I think

      luka claeysluka claeys6 kun oldin
  • It never happened

    Athul SatheeshAthul Satheesh6 kun oldin
  • Its the 27 still no fight?

    Dynxmic chxmpionDynxmic chxmpion6 kun oldin
  • Well now it's 27th

    YamenYamen6 kun oldin
  • Feb 2021? Did it get postponed or something blike what happened??

    Pranabkumar ThathothPranabkumar Thathoth6 kun oldin
  • Logan is smart. But also Blonde...?

    TrollkrabbenTrollkrabben6 kun oldin
  • I love Logan but what kind of injury will he have this time. Right before the match.

    Catherine ONeillCatherine ONeill6 kun oldin
  • Logan you're just t maverick

    Keri TryonKeri Tryon6 kun oldin
  • Pretty sure the celebrity b-ball game mayweather was definitely trying to stop you from bashing your face off the court not disrespecting you....least watching that part 100 times and seeing you almost catch a boo boo and Floyd stopping that from happening says he is a decent dude and your kinda the rude disrespectful UZworldr that thinks the world is owed to you... you even know what actual work is I bet Floyd knows what work actually is. And parading around acting like children doing dumb shit isn’t work

    Travis DrakeTravis Drake6 kun oldin
  • At least he has more senses than his younger aquaintance

    Lohid RohidLohid Rohid6 kun oldin
  • did they Fight already cuz i think i Miss it??

    Anonymous YtAnonymous Yt7 kun oldin
  • I wanna see him fight khabib

    yousuf Nyousuf N7 kun oldin